3114 Felix Assigned

  • $40,000

Great value add opportunity! This property is a 1152 sqft single family home in a good area. It is 4 bedrooms and 1.5 baths and sits on a large lot.

Roof/Exterior: Replacement needed (Water damage due to roof leak. Also will need attention to the exterior siding- possible termite damage/wood rot)

Gutters: Replacement Needed

Electrical: Needs replaced with a 200amp service

HVAC: Service needed, possible replacement

A few spots need sheetrock replaced due to leak. Cosmetic updates needed throughout including but not limited to: paint, flooring, lighting, kitchen and bathroom.

ARV: $120,000

REHAB: $35-40K



3145 Charles: 3/1, 1,120 sqft, sold 8/31/22 $120,000

2845 Angelique: 3/2 1,136 sqft, sold 6/31/22 $154,000

2906 Jules: 3/1, 1,272 sqft, sold 6/1/22 $119,000

Taxes were $986 in 2021

*Rehab descriptions are provided as a courtesy. We strive to help investors have a better understanding of possible needs and numbers. Information provided here is NOT an exhaustive scope of work nor is it a bid for contractor and labor. Please do your own due diligence as numbers are not guaranteed; they are based on our current knowledge of the property/market, experience, and a quick walk through.



3114 Felix Street
Saint Joseph, MO 645O7
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