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Are you an investor seeking to build your portfolio? Let us scout out the best properties that align with your goals. We not only provide cash buying opportunities; we seek to connect you with as many resources as possible to garner your success.


Designate YOUR buying criteria & get first access via our preferred mail list


Search our inventory for properties that align with your goals


Build equity. We assist with networking for local contractors and materials.


THE RETURNS: Refinance to gain capitol, Rent for cash flow, or sell for profit

St. Joseph Investment Property Inventory

Who Are We?

A preferred Heritage Home Investor successfully used the BRRRR strategy to buy, renovate, rent, refinance, and repeat on this property this year!

Heritage Home Investments is a value adding partner! We…

  • GATHER and understand each investor’s individual portfolio criteria
  • KNOW the economic landscape of the area
  • CONNECT investors to our personal network of banks, contractors, and other individuals who provide the services needed to make an investment flourish.
  • QUALIFIED, we are uniquely qualified to offer this multi-faceted approach to investors because we have built rapport with our local network by already investing here personally.

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