The 10x Rule | Book Review

How do you prefer to travel? Do you fly or drive? They both have their perks, but problem I have really come to love about road trips is the time it affords us to grow together while we learn/read something new. We have our assigned roles: Ryan drives & Meg navigates as needed, throws snacks at the children, and reads aloud.

Recently, we drove 10ish hrs to Waco, Tx (I’ll post more on that later!) and read Grant Cardone’s book The 10x Rule. It is one of those books that simultaneously amps you up and kicks your butt!

The book stories Grant’s companies’ rise to success, his goals, and his actions to get there. 10x refers to 10xs action to get 10xs the results. There were some interesting story segments and a hard hitting, no excuses grind that mostly came off as motivating. That said, it was pretty repetitive about taking 10x the action and felt like maybe all he does it eat, sleep, and breathe work .

When I asked Ryan what a key take away he got from the book was, he echoed my thoughts: When the going gets tough keep going. Stay consistent about doing the work, slow times and hard times will come. With each new level of success you will have bigger problems to solve. Don’t spend your life working for normal or average; swing for the fences and go after what you really want and know that when the resistance comes you are gaining traction.

We have personally felt that this year. We have seen quick success at times, and it is exhilarating when that happens. But most often, success is a byproduct of the consistent work you do day in and out; especially on those weeks where for whatever reason the odds aren’t in your favor and things stack against you… the perseverance through those weeks groom you for the next level of success/problem solving.

To finalize our thoughts: The 10x Rule is a motivational book worth reading; especially if you are facing some adversity in your growth. The concept of working harder to get greater success isn’t ground breaking but a good reminder to stay consistent to the cause. Ryan has his background in sales so he knew and could relate to the sales aspect of it. Meg appreciated his no bull approach to being “you, be too much, and taking up space to garner the success you wish to achieve.” It is not a “real estate book” but had philosophies that could pertain to our REI journey. Ryan would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. Meg gives it a 3.5. If you read it, please let us know what you think!!!

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